10 Reasons You Might Need a CT Scan

We cannot be unaware or uninformed in an age of technological advancement. It’s best that we read, research, and understand how technology impacts our lives today and is set to transform our lives in the future. Technology has changed the way we access health care. It has made a considerable improvement and contribution to healthcare.

For example, when you feel unwell, you visit the doctor who advises specific diagnostic tests and reports – X-ray, CT scan, MRI, sonography, ECG, 2D echo, etc. that can provide clarity about your health condition to decide the future course of action. If you are scouting for a well-equipped diagnostic center in Aligarh, you should connect with Bhargava Diagnostics. They have the best diagnostic facilities and a team that will guide you.

Doctors often advise CT scans, but we don’t know why it is necessary or what it reveals. So, let’s throw some light on why a doctor would ask you to get a CT scan done.

10 reasons you might need a CT scan:

1. Diagnosing a tumor:

A biopsy is a procedure where tissue is removed from any part of the body to find the presence of a disease. 

Conducting a biopsy is a delicate procedure, and doctors often need a CT scan for proper guidance. The doctor will know or confirm if the tumor is present and the details of it- the size and the location. Also, the CT scan will reveal and give clarity about how the cancer is connected to the surrounding tissues. 

Through a CT scan, the surgeon ensures that the surgery is conducted successfully and that he/she knows what to expect when surgery becomes imperative to remove the tumor. 

2. Examining blood tissues:

When there is a blockage that needs to be checked or some other health challenge, a CT scan helps the doctor examine blood vessels without needing surgery to read them. CT scan in such a case becomes vital to diagnose and decide the treatment for vascular diseases. 

3. Examine body parts with small bones:

CT scans are ideal for getting clear images of bones, so they are vital for doctors examining patients for bone injuries of hands, feet, and spinal region. An X-ray might not provide a clear picture of the damage done to the bone, but a CT scan will present a clearer picture.

4. Assists Cancer treatment:

Planning a radiation treatment for cancer patients is quite challenging. But a CT scan assists doctors in planning the radiation treatment for cancerous tumors since it gives a detailed and accurate image of soft tissues. It also helps doctors to observe the patient’s response to chemotherapy by monitoring the spread of cancer. 

5. Unable to undergo MRI:

There are times when a patient might not be able to undergo an MRI since there are limiting factors to some imaging exams. MRI and CT scans have some things in common, but some elements set them apart. There are times when a doctor would prefer one test over the other. 

CT scans take less time and are less sensitive to movement than MRIs. So, a CT scan is the best choice if you have an injury that makes you uncomfortable to lie for more than 30 minutes. If you have a medical device implanted in you, it prohibits you from doing an MRI. 

6. Brain examination:

Doctors sometimes need a detailed image of your brain and CT scans to provide one. Thus, clarity of the brain condition is necessary to decide the future course of treatment. 

7. Severe accidents:

CT scans are crucial for doctors to observe, detect and treat internal injuries. In an emergency, when the immediate diagnosis is vital to save a patient’s life, a CT scan becomes necessary. So, when someone is hurt after an accident, a CT scan might help find and treat internal injuries as quickly as possible. Suppose there is an emergency at your end, and you are looking for the best diagnostic center in Aligarh. In that case, Bhargava Diagnostics is the right place.

8. A bone examination is needed:

CT scan provides images of soft tissues, bone injuries, and organs. Apart from all these, it assists doctors in diagnosing and treating osteoporosis and similar diseases. CT scan helps in the treatment of osteoporosis as it can measure the bone mineral density of patients.

9. Soft tissue damage:

CT scans can provide clear images of soft tissue around skeletal structures in our body. So, suppose you are suffering from soft tissue damage to a bone. In that case, the doctor can diagnose the injury accurately and decide the best course of treatment for quick recovery based on the CT scan images. 

10. Abdominal issues:

CT scans of the abdomen using barium show highly detailed images of the organ that needs to be observed. Ideas could be of the liver, kidney, gallbladder, uterus, spleen, and ovary. When the intravenous iodine-based dye is used, it refines the images, bringing greater clarity for better diagnosis of various health issues. Suppose you have abdominal pain, unexplained weight loss, inflammation in the intestines, or a kidney stone. In that case, the doctor might advise a CT scan. 

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